Executive Suite of Mandarin Orchard that Boosts Your Staycation Singapore

Appoie – The Mandarin Orchard has lots of competitors in the city where there are various choices of hotels. Yet, it can be one of the largest hotels that can accommodate many people who plan to stay in Singapore.

It is 173 meters high with more than a thousand rooms. It has been five decades now since the hotel has been through a significant renovation. It was one popular with the name Mandarin Singapore. It turned out to be Meritus Mandarin Singapore before the current title.

Mandarin Orchard

Best Package for Staycation Singapore

It is hard to avoid Mandarin Orchard for those who have spent hours at Orchard Road. The location is very strategic at 333 Orchard Road, where it sits between the Ngee Ann City and the remarkable Cineleisure. Making an early reservation to get the best price is what all guests do because this hotel offers lots of deals and discounted prices.

Checking in is on the fifth floor through all guests will have to pass through the registration through the SafeEntry site on the ground floor. Guests will be amazed at the very bright, natural light from the glass panels as the high ceilings.

The friendly staff welcomes everyone with such a good level of hospitality. The reception staff doesn’t let any guests wait too long. Most guests mention the fast service in their reviews about having all their rooms available without unnecessary delay.

Now, let’s discuss the most recommended package for a staycation in Singapore. Among so many packages here, Executive Suite can offer a luxury staycation that will impress anyone. This suite is spacious enough with a 52 square meter width. The suite is indeed exclusive with the location on the 32nd floor in the Orchard Wing.

Classic room lovers will find this suite amazing. The rooms within the suite are spacious with many extra spaces available, even if there are some furniture sets here. The frames of the picture are in gold with beige drapes that blend perfectly in enhancing the classic look.

The tables, armchairs, and other furniture sets are highly modern and cozy that adds to the suite’s highlight. The suite has a glass working desk that has a gorgeous style. Staycation Singapore will be more perfect here, not to mention the fast Wifi service.

The suite has a small bathroom for the guest’s visitors behind the entrance door. For the spacious bedroom, there is a king-size bed that has a recliner on the corner side. There is a giant mirror that is divided into six parts. The classic performance here can bring an ambiance of a bigger room

Is There A Drawback of the Hotel?

The Executive Suite of Mandarin Orchard is indeed charming. Unfortunately, there is a drawback though it is not that significant. There is no charging outlet on the bedside table. But, with the massive use of smartphones and the need to work fast through guests’ staycation in Singapore, it is somewhat weird to find fewer charging outlets in a hotel room. It is the living room that has some charging outlets for guests in this suite.